2019-03-20 Mindset Reset Hour w/ Dr Nima

00:16:35	Chad McAllister:	That was amazing for me. The thing that came up, that I had not realized, is the need to cut off an area I've been pursuing that is limiting me on what I should focus on.
00:21:48	Chad McAllister:	73.4 degs F that is
00:21:55	Lysette Offley:	No challenges? You can have one of mine!!
00:22:32	Moniera Khan (Linked Into Leads):	thanks for translating chad :)
00:29:53	Randi Stillman:	Anyone else deal with a formal RFP as a standard step (obstacle) the sales process?
00:30:06	Randi Stillman:	in the sales process
00:30:22	James:	Not any more, but I have done in the past
00:34:52	Chad McAllister:	@Deanna -- awesome!
00:35:57	Chad McAllister:	@Deanna -- your super-power for Clarity Calls is your realness. Be yourself and you win.
00:36:13	Kim:	Way to go Deanna.  You go girl
00:36:16	Trevor Turnbull (Linked Into Leads):	So true Chad!
00:37:56	Chad McAllister:	And Moniera :)
00:41:01	Chad McAllister:	Dr. Nima wisdom... My #1 priority is aligning myself -- be the shining example. This is first and how I am best with my customers.
00:43:49	Kim:	I think we could learn from his selling process. 
00:46:05	Randi Stillman:	Yep! I typically provide options in discovery (project discussions) and proposals. When I win, the client typically goes with the higher cost b/c I’ve demonstrated the value of it
00:46:39	Chad McAllister:	More Dr. Nima wisdom... If I don't put challenges in my day that inspire me, I will attract challenges I don't want.
00:49:22	Kim:	Murray where do you get these jokes?  
00:51:28	James:	but not yet
00:56:51	Chad McAllister:	I'm at 7400 ft in Colorado -- beats the 32nd floor :)
00:57:41	Murray Beaulieu:	I was on the 33rd floor, but that's another story

00:59:04	Robin:	ABSOLUTELY!!!!
00:59:53	Murray Beaulieu:	Great call!
01:00:00	Chad McAllister:	Another great mindset mtg. Thanks Everyone!
01:00:26	Randi Stillman:	I love: “Am I a creature or a creator?”
01:02:15	Chad McAllister:	Have a great week all!