2019-03-21 Office Hours-Let’s Talk Sales

00:03:41	Murray Beaulieu:	Defining the process
00:03:53	Chad McAllister:	More confidence on discovery calls, moving to the close
00:03:54	Kim:	I don't actually have one
00:04:02	Bob Moore:	qualifying all the leads
00:04:02	Lysette Offley:	Closing financial advisers, who do’t even turn up for the Zoom call they booked!!
00:04:05	Pam Warren:	I get the meetings and we are chatting but nothing much transpires afterwards
00:04:27	Robin:	would like to see it please
00:04:36	Shannon Wright:	I don't have one either
00:04:42	Randi Stillman:	How to identify pain points & potential opportunities
00:05:11	Bob Moore:	Made a sale to an dormant client that my 1st degree campaign awakened.  The project launches next week.
00:06:10	Lysette Offley:	That would be nice!! They won’t commit on the call
00:06:25	Randi Stillman:	Calibration & nature of follow ups when I’m developing a consultative relationship so I’m on the radar screen when they’re ready
00:06:59	Murray Beaulieu:	Pam same here
00:07:39	Randi Stillman:	Delivering the most compelling proposal, since a proposal is a key selling point for a team
00:07:59	Robin:	having a clear moving forward path
00:08:28	Robin:	identifying prospects and where they are in the life cycle of the business
00:10:51	Randi Stillman:	Yes, figuring out the “right” follow up sequence that’s personalized for a prospect’s buying journey
00:15:45	Randi Stillman:	Everyone, I need to hop off in a few minutes for a Discovery call (& hope to make an emotional connection)! Don’t want to miss this important session, so I’ll catch the recording
00:16:14	Chad McAllister:	@Randi -- have a great discovery call!
00:17:11	Randi Stillman:	Thanks! It’s very natural to me-it’s the followup & selling that is the big challenge
00:21:50	Kim:	Hey Lysette,  what about writing someething  like three ways you're sabotaging your XXXX
00:22:02	Lysette Offley:	Thanks Kim. Good idea
00:22:24	Lysette Offley:	THere’s a bit of that in any latest short video
00:22:27	Lysette Offley:	i’ll expand on it
00:23:23	Shannon Wright:	Isn't there a stat that says you have to hear something 7 times before getting the idea?
00:23:41	deannawalsh:	1. You don’t know what’s going on in THEIR life
00:24:02	Chad McAllister:	Active Campaign is the inexpensive version of InfusionSoft -- I love AC.
00:24:49	deannawalsh:	2. It takes us back to “If your prospects don’t reply to your messages, it doesn’t mean they aren’t listening”
00:26:43	Lysette Offley:	And your suggestion about The Active Marketer course was brilliant, thanks Chad. Looks like I'll be needing it.
00:26:59	Chad McAllister:	:)
00:28:05	Kim:	trevor do they select a path on the site and then get messaging that plays to their avitar?
00:31:18	Lysette Offley:	I created a quiz and follow up video about: Which mistake do you make when revising for exams. I could do the same for Self Sabotage Strategy Scuppering your Success (There’s that word again Moniera!!)
00:35:29	Chris Magill:	stop lying Murray, your page is fine
00:37:51	Randi Stillman:	Sorry to interrupt–my prospect was a no show, ha!
00:52:37	Randi Stillman:	I recommend standing! I did when I delivered my first webinar
00:53:02	James:	@lysette, Have you considered /tried offering a discount to immediate purchasers (obviously backed by a refund gaurantee)?
00:53:06	Terry Coker:	Another good call today everyone!  I have a candidate call at the top of the hour…. Bye for now !!
00:53:54	Chad McAllister:	My favorite standing desk -- have 4 of them. $299 each.  https://www.autonomous.ai/standing-desks/smart-desk-2-home
00:54:34	Randi Stillman:	Thanks, Chad . . . another item to add to my business success wish list!
00:54:52	Lysette Offley:	Hi James. I can’t really offer a refund if I’ve spent a day with them 1 to 1 as well as all the other support. And I’m told (though I haven’t tested it) that with my target audience (financial advisers) they don’t respond well to that approach. But hey! I’m willing to try anything.
00:58:49	Randi Stillman:	Is that list accessible in esm_sales?
00:59:13	Kim:	Thanks for that Deanna.  Have a lovely day everyone.  I have to go hop on another call.  
00:59:46	Chad McAllister:	Love the ideas. Thanks @Murray for sharing your sales call process. Time for another mtg :) Be well!
01:03:15	Shannon Wright:	I created a video about wha the proces
01:03:33	Murray Beaulieu:	excellent Shannon
01:04:52	Randi Stillman:	Is this process (what you will get) document something you’d consider proprietary or something you would readily share as you build authority?
01:06:38	Shannon Wright:	Great share. Good to lay it out step by step
01:07:43	Lysette Offley:	Really sorry - have to go. Thank you all very much. :-)
01:09:14	Randi Stillman:	Murray, have you considered doing a local group gathering to introduce your concept? Perhaps a webinar for the commercial RE peeps?
01:09:52	Randi Stillman:	What Trevor is describing . . .
01:10:06	Pam Warren:	Have to go but it's looking good so far Murray. Let us know how it progresses. Bonne chance
01:10:48	Randi Stillman:	And send sorry you missed this, so they can still engage
01:19:11	Randi Stillman:	Robyn, that’s a great approach w/out being threatening or sales!
01:19:24	Randi Stillman:	salesy