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    4.5.2 Hosting & Adding Videos to Your Appointment Campaign (00:05:25)

    Upload your videos to a video hosting platform so that you can add them to your funnel pages.

    4.4.6 Finalizing Your Appointment Campaign (00:02:40)

    Find your funnel URL and use it to set up your domain name & your outreach messages to point directly to a specific funnel page.

    4.4.5 Customizing Your Appointment Campaign (00:13:17)

    Customize your funnel settings to make the funnel pages presentable to both prospects and search engines.

    4.4.4 Setting up your Campaign Thank You Page (00:18:36)

    Design your thank you page to confirm the booking, explain next steps and further educate & inform prior to your call.

    4.4.3 Setting Up Your Campaign Application Page (00:13:45)

    Design your application page to capture valuable information from your prospects.

    4.4.2 Setting up your Campaign Booking Page (00:15:22)

    Design your booking page in a way that it makes your prospects book appointments with excitement and ease.

    4.4.1 Setting Up Your 2 or 3 Step Campaign Pages (00:07:38)

    Add & choose the ideal appointment campaign templates inside of your ClickFunnels account.

    4.3.2 Connecting Your Domain to Your Funnel [00:09:20]

    Add your chosen domain name to your Clickfunnels account to create branded, custom URL links.

    4.2.2 Connecting With Prospects On Sales Calls With Zoom (00:05:50)

    Setup your Zoom account to host online meetings with your prospects.

    4.2.1 - Controlling The Public Availability On Your Calendar (00:02:51)

    Sync Calendly with your calendar to ensure your scheduled calls don't conflict with other calendar events.