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    12.3.4 How To Create A Summit To Build Your Authority & Generate Partnerships

    12.3.3 How To Create A Podcast To Build Your Authority & Generate Partnerships

    12.3.2 How To Create A Mini Webinar To Generate Qualified Prospects

    12.3.1 How To Create A Guide/Report To Build Your Lead List

    12.5.1 How To Get Published On Forbes Coaches Counsel

    6.2.1 How To Create Impactful Content To Share With Your Prospects (00:20:02)

    Structure, write, and edit your LinkedIn authority piece that you can share with your prospects and get them to take the next step.

    4.5.1 Appointment Campaign Video Production Tips & Tools (00:10:43)

    Properly setup and record the videos for your appointment campaign so they look professional and make a lasting first impression.

    4.3.1 Registering a Domain for Your Funnel (00:06:09)

    Choose & register a domain name that you can use for your funnel pages.

    13.9.0 Month 3 Summary - Checklist - Q2 Preview

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    13.8.0 Dream Booster (3)

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    12.5.0 How to Get Featured In Major Media Publications

    12.4.0 How To Get Featured On Podcasts & Summits

    12.3.0 How To Create Engaging Written Content That Will Rank In Search Engines

    12.1.0 How To Build Your Authority Positioning Portfolio (00:40:23)

    8.6.0 (Experience) Live Event / Round Table

    8.5.0 (Engage) Webinar / Workshop / Summit

    8.4.0 (Read) Book Launch / Free + Shipping Offer

    8.3.0 (Watch) Value Videos / Challenges / MiniWebinar

    8.2.0 (Download) Guide / Report / Checklist / Infographic (00:17:08)

    8.1.0 The Authority Campaigns Overview (00:21:23)

    6.5.0 How To Handle Common Sales Objections

    6.4.0 How To Script & Conduct Your Sales Calls (00:37:12)

    Script and rehearse your sales call process so that it becomes a natural process when you are on the call

    6.3.0 How To Prepare For Your Sales Calls (00:19:31)

    Efficiently prepare for your sales calls by researching your prospects to ensure you are properly prepared

    6.2.0 The Power Of Creating Your Massive Value Piece - LinkedIn Article (00:10:36)

    Create a piece of content to share with your network so that you can clearly demonstrate how you can help them and why they should choose you.

    6.1.0 Understanding The Messy Buyers Journey (00:09:26)

    Analyze and make sense of the long & messy buyers journey so that you can optimize your sales process for success.

    4.5.0 Recording Your Appointment Campaign Videos (00:10:52)

    Take all the necessary steps to record powerful videos for your appointment campaign so that you can connect with your audience and get them to book a call.

    4.4.0 Editing Your Appointment Campaign Pages (00:16:27)

    Make use of numerous editing features on your ClickFunnels account so that you can create the best-looking pages that convert like crazy.

    4.3.0 Setting Up Your Appointment Campaign Pages (00:12:14)

    Clone the Clickfunnels share funnels into your own personal account so you can start building out your pages.

    4.2.0 Setting Up Your Booking Calendar (00:24:04)

    Setup your appointment booking tool to help your prospects efficiently schedule calls.

    4.1.0 The Appointment Campaign Overview (00:10:34)

    Book calls on your calendar using a step by step signup process that clearly articulates the value your prospects will receive on the call.

    1.6.0 How To Find & Hire Talented Outsourcers (00:06:27)

    Employ talented freelancers to take the weight off your shoulders so that you can focus your attention on high-level, high ROI tasks.

    1.5.0 How To Find & Choose Your Software Toolkit (00:03:42)

    Use our Tech Vault database to understand what software tools are available to you to maximize your business output.

    1.4.0 How To Remember & Participate In Group Coaching Calls (00:04:43)

    Keep track of group events and add them to your calendar so that you never miss out on anything important.

    1.3.0 How To Get Support In The Expert Selling Program (00:06:47)

    Connect with the mentors and members in our support groups, ask for feedback and get the answers you need.

    1.2.0 How To Organize Your Files/Folders & Share Account Info (00:08:17)

    Efficiently organize your work so you can easily reference back to documents when building our your marketing assets and working with outsourced help! PLEASE NOTE: If you attempt to clone the Google Drive folder as per the instructions in the video below, you MUST be logged into the SAME Google account when you access the Google Drive folder & Google Script. If you are a new "EXPERT SELLING MACHINE" member YOU DO NOT NEED TO DUPLICATE/CREATE THE GOOGLE DRIVE FOLDER OUTLINED IN THIS VIDEO as our team will set this up for you! But, you will still want to watch the second part of this video to learn how to use LastPass for password management & account sharing

    1.1.0 How To Navigate The Expert Selling Membership Website (00:15:40)

    Take full advantage of everything this program has to offer and what's available to you in the members area.